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Company Description

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Company Description

Surje Software Solutions is a small software development company founded by Joanne and Ricardo Hoar.

Joanne and Ricardo both hold Masters degrees in computer science form the University of Calgary, and have been building their business on the side lines for 6 years. They have given talks at conferences around the world, but prefer now to work and play closer to home with their son.

Joanne has held programming positions in oil and gas software development, but is now a full time stay at home mom, who develops apps while her son is sleeping or hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa. Joanne is an expert in OpenGL and all things graphic related. If you have questions about matrix multiplication, linear algebra or organic cooking Joanne’s your gal.

Ricardo has held programming and system administration positions throughout the city before becomming an associate professor at Mount Royal University. He not only teaches students at MRU about programming and website development, but loves to actually do it, with his wife, Joanne.

If you want to deal with down to earth, friendly humans we are the team to help build you your solution.